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info@holidaychamps.co.uk / 07340 517 010

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:30pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed


Will my child need a packed lunch?

Yes, we cannot serve food so please make sure you pack your child a packed lunch. We will stop for a snack break around 10:30 and stop for lunch at 12.

What does my child need to bring? 

Please check the weather for the days your child is booked for Holiday Champs. If the weather is scheduled for rain please provide a waterproof jacket, and if the weather is scheduled to be sunny please provide sun cream labelled with your child’s name.

Accessing the building?

There is a chance we will not have access to the building’s main entrance on Tintagel Crescent. In the unlikely event of this we will email you to inform you of the alternative entrance on Grove Vale.

Do you offer late pick-up or early drop off?

Yes. We also offer half day and weekly rates. Please see the ‘about us’ page for pricing information. 

Ages of children accepted? 

Holiday Champs is open to children of age 5-12. 

Is there a late collection fee? 

If you are late to pick up your child from the late pick up club you will be required to pay £10 for the first 15 minutes, any time after will increase by £10 for each 15 minute window. For example, if you were to be late by 30 minutes, you would incur an additional £20 charge.

What if my child doesn’t know anyone? 

There is no doubt your child will make friends at Holiday Champs. All games are inclusive and require teamwork. Our ice breaker challenges will really help to get the children to know one another.

Are your staff DBS checked?

Yes, all our staff are DBS checked. 

Also, our staff are first aid trained and will be on hand to deal with any requirements. If you will require us to administer medication you must contact us in advance to be discussed.

Cancellation Policy?

If you have given Holiday Champs one weeks notice before the start time of the date(s) you would like to cancel, we will refund you all monies paid and there will be no fee. 

If you have given Holiday Champs less than one weeks notice before the start time of the date(s) you would like to cancel, we regret to inform you that no refund is available.

Lost Property? 

All lost property will be safely locked away. If you think your child has left something behind please contact us on 07340 517 010.

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

We are currently unable to accept childcare vouchers, please contact us if you would like to be informed when this changes. 

Policy FAQs

What is your behaviour management policy?

To grow, learn and thrive children need an environment where they feel secure, respected and encouraged. Each morning we will set the ground rules so everyone is clear. The group leader is there to promote a positive environment that accepts differences and encourages children to be considerate in their actions and words.

Should the good atmosphere of the group be compromised by disruptive or inappropriate behaviour, staff will remind, explain and aim to resolve the issue. If there are any serious incidents we will speak to parents to make an appropriate decision. 

What is your policy on bullying?

Bullying is not tolerated at Holiday Champs and swift action will be taken at the earliest possible stage by our staff.

What is your child protection policy?

Holiday Champs is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. We will create an environment in which children feel safe. Any suspicions or allegations of child abuse will be taken seriously; and responded to swiftly and appropriately.

All staff working with children therefore have a duty in law to act if they consider a child is at risk or makes a disclosure. Our staff act in accordance with the procedures of the relevant local authority.

What is your equal opportunities policy?

Holiday Champs aims to provide equality of opportunity for all children in our care and take positive actions to eliminate discrimination. 

What is your health and safety policy?

The health and safety of your child is taken very seriously and we will do all that is reasonable and practicable to protect the health, safety and welfare of all children in our care, along with staff and any other visitors to our sites. We have qualified first aiders always on site to deal with any problems that arise.